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Windsurfer at Bulabog Beach, Boracay, seen from Palm Breeze Villa Hotel

Windsurfing at Bulabog Beach, Boracay Island, Philippines


Bulabog Beach is found on the beautiful island of Boracay in the Philippines and is considered to be one of the finest windsurfing locations in Asia.

Bulabog Beach stretches along the eastern coast of this small island and is directly opposite the main beach known as White Beach. While the main beach may be a prime destination for tourists and people looking to soak in some sun, it’s the eastern beach which is known for its sports activities and it appeals to those looking to escape the crowds and all-night music of White Beach. Windsurfing at Bulabog Beach is extremely popular and is one of the biggest draws to this small tropical island.


Windsurfing has been steadily growing in popularity over the past few decades and it’s quite easy to see why. Combining the excitement of surfing with the skill of sailing, windsurfing is a unique sport that can be just as entertaining to watch as it is to do. There are a few different factors that need to come together in just the right way to create the ideal conditions for great windsurfing. To start with, the water needs to be a fair bit calmer than it does for regular surfing. More importantly,  there needs to be a steady wind, preferably onshore for safety. These factors exist in a perfect ratio on Bulabog Beach.


Bulabog Beach Boracay is a large lagoon about two miles long, protected by offshore reefs. The windy season is usually between November and April when winds are generally steady and onshore, blowing between 12 and 20 knots. The beautiful, turquoise waters are always warm, hovering around 27’C. There is shallow and flat water in the bay and rolling and breaking waves out beyond the reef for the more adventurous windsurfers.

There are a number of establishments along the beach renting top quality equipment with a good selection of board and sail sizes. Windsurfing courses are available for all levels from beginners to advanced.


Palm Breeze Villa windsurfing hotel:


Windsurfing Bulabog Beach Boracay seen from Palm Breeze Villa Hotel

Palm Breeze Villa is a boutique Bed and Breakfast hotel (B&B)perfectly located on Bulabog beachfor windsurfing enthusiasts. Just look out of your window from this beautiful island resort to check the wind conditions and watch the Boracay windsurfing in action! Palm Breeze Villa has been consistently voted the best B&B/Inn in Boracay for almost two years on, and has recently been awarded the prestigious "Certificate of Excellence" by Flipkey. Special offer: 30% discount on the room rates for stays of 3 nights or more when you book on the hotel website.



Boracay International Funboard Cup


Bulabog beach Boracay is such an ideal location for windsurfing that it is one stop on the Asian Windsurfing Tour. This competitive event brings in champion windsurfers from all over the world and allows them to show off their skills in the best windsurfing destination in all of Asia. The island of Boracay itself is home to the Boracay International Funboard Cup which has been organized and overseen by the same person since its inception. Many champion windsurfers return to the island year after year because of its world class windsurfing conditions, its pristine beauty and its active and exciting nightlife.


Boracay windsurfing can be seen at its best at the Boracay International Funboard Cup which is a big event held at Bulabog Beach Boracay every January. The Boracay International Funboard Cup is a six day event and is great fun for participants and spectators alike. It is free to watch and after the tournament the atmosphere is electric with beach parties and live music!


Windsurfing at Bulabog beach is so popular due its location on the island. The weather on Boracay is broken up into two primary seasons. Amihan, the prime tourist season, is the best time for windsurfing. During this season the water is generally very calm and offers a great surface to glide across. What really makes this season perfect for this sport, however, is the fact that the wind during Amihan will almost always blow in from the East and sweep over Bulabog Beach. This means that White Beach is often protected from the wind while Bulabog receives an abundance of the key element in windsurfing. The relatively calm waters and the steady and predictable wind make this beach an ideal location.


Visitors would be quite hard pressed to find a better location for this sport than on this beautiful little island.



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View of kiteboaders and windsurfers at Bulabog Beach Boracay

Boracay windsurfers and kiteboarders as seen from Palm Breeze Villa Hotel


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